This is the cover for the boardgame I'm currently working on. It's open Source and anyone can help out developing it.

On the right, there is the heavy weapons guy kind of class: The Atlas.

If you want to check out one of my tutorials click here.
This picture is not entirely finished yet, but I wanted to show it to you guys :)

Comment concerning the enemytypes which got me thinking:
GreatGodPan: Yeah, please don't let it be bugs or aliens of some sort, that's gone stale. Some sort of human resistance-movement would seem an option, nice old-school pre-SFX stuff. Those Exterminators do look like corporate badasses, now don't they...


Keyser Soce said...

sehr geil!

LeifHeanzo said...


XII said...

Awesome cover dude!

Ich frag mich nur gerade warum ich hier immer Englisch fasel.
Übung macht ja den Meister und
die Page ist ja auch englisch also.. *räusper*

I still doesn't like the one leg of the guy in the left side of the picture (just for some critic, I think artists love that, doesn't they?)

But the picture is really nice. I like that badass we-will-save-your-day feeling.

LeifHeanzo said...

They do love it! Yeah, I'll go back to this image anyway, and I'll fix this leg thing your talking about :)