I've been playing around with ZBrush and cinema 4D lately. I then stumbled upon a technique called 'photomapping'. My idea was to map my 2 dimensional paintings onto a 3 dimensional environment to create a feeling to 'walk' through my painting.
This is the sketch I started out with. Then I created a simple 3d environment and projected the texture from the painting on my boxes and plains. Here is the 8 sec result:

PICTURE MAPPING from Leif Heanzo on Vimeo.
photomapped on of my sketches onto 3d environment via cinema 4d.

I'm just learning cinema4d, crits and comments are always welcome.


XII said...

It works and it is.. pretty cool!
I always wanted to try ZBrush or 3DMax but.. yeah, you know that "next week I will clean up!"

How long did it take you?

LeifHeanzo said...

1.5h to paint, and a couple hours in C4D. If you know the program you can probably do it in 20 minutes, though. lol. Yeah, I know what you're talking about, but if there is an actual purpose AND a deadline, you are learning faster then anyone else. Trust me.

XII said...

Mh, it's always good to have someone/thing that kick you in the ass.

Do you wanna put more pictures in this 3D style? Or try again something new?