I know, there are many of you out there, believing Chuck Norris is invincible. I admit there are many facts that definitelly support this claim.
Here are three of them:
When The Cobra bites Chuck Norris, The Cobra Dies.

Some people say that Jesus can walk on water, well Chuck Norris can swim through LAND!!!!

Try to google him, it'll say you can't find him, because he'll find you.
This is why I felt like making a shirt design (and because I can screenprint on thursday).
Watch the epic battle between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee here!
Furthermore I'm working on a set of street-art stickers, although the technique is yet to find. My friend Paul a.k.a. Waakabund is selling a really nice bunch right now, which keeps inspiring me. I'm still doing a lot of digital painting, but none of them really make me wanna post them.
It's a pain when you freehand-draw font and then someone points out that you misspelled the word you just finished. But the little girl above was saying merci. doh! Thanks for pointing petja, I can still hear you laughing. Cheers

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