Wow. Back from the Ostsee I have to admit that this 3day party was more then awesome. Although the 'clubscene' in Stralsund isn't really too satisfying for the usual observing eye, it does have some potential. I found myself dancing to 'the greatest time of my liiiife' together with the scariest croud; ever. Big up to all the Oozing Goo members who shared this great experience with me. Thanks to Sagat who gave me 'Wolfmother' <--awesome. Didn't get too much done really, but the combination of familyparty and clubbing really got me going.
Things are going very well. I have a couple new job opportunities, my little animation film is going to be broadcasted some time soon and the Tarantino movie is coming to town which still makes me proud. Besides, today I was tought how to screenprint and on next thursday I'm going to print my first shirts. I'm not really sure, if the little shalom-guy (above) is making it onto one of them. I'm probably going for 'Das Einfache das Schwer zu machen ist'-Shirts; they look good and they promote my animation film. I always like to kill two birds with one stone.
If anyone is interested, I added some more figure studies right here.
Hope you guys are doing well, stay tuned.

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