My very first project for German TV finally gets broadcasted on 7th of October 8:15PM on RBB. It’s a documentary about gangsters in the GDR, who had to be quite imaginative to outsmart the regime. It’s about the parties in the rumpus rooms, the way for teenagers to make more money then their parents and a glimp on the underground fashion on the east side of Berlin during the 80’s. My part was to illustrate the stories these people had to tell, which was incredibly fascinating. I used a technique I learned during my matte painting job on SPEED RACER to create a new and abstract way of recognizing the feeling from back then. Although I’ve been a small kid at that time I inserted lots of old memories into my work. Being art director and production designer at the same time I had almost no limits and was able to create my very own look at the scenario. I hope you enjoy it.

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