Hey folks, looks as if I'm finally back online. There are definitelly some pros about not having internet. Unfortunatelly they are greatly outraced by the cons. Especially when you consider yourself an internet-addict. E-mails kept coming in like hell, but I just couldn't go with the delete-all button. Actually kind of a pain to leave them unanswered. Postponed is not abandoned. Well, now I'm back for sure. I'll work my way up through the pile of semi-important messages and eventually I'll be up to date at some point.
I had a couple jobs in the past month, which where kind of refreshing. I was asked to get back to my own roots. As a matter of fact I chose pen and paper to be the tools the trade.
Furthermore I started a proect of my very own. It's going to be an internet comic. Two pages are done so far, and I'll show them to you some time soon.

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